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We pay you to shop your favorite online stores. Yes, really!

Hoopla Doopla, Inc. is a leading bargain hunting website, providing coupon codes, discounts, daily deals and cash back from over 2000 online stores. We exist to provide a better overall online shopping experience, and to put money where it belongs - In people抯 pockets! How do we do it? We get paid a marketing commission for each purchase made through this site by our members. More than half of that commission goes to the member, IN CASH! It's that simple. Join FREE!

Hoopla Doopla, Inc. is based in Dover, Delaware.

揌oopla Doopla has the deals you need to stretch your dollar."
- cnbc.com

What Hoopla Doopla Offers

Cash Back Shopping

What is cash back shopping you ask? Simply put, you get money back when you shop through us. We get paid a marketing commission on all purchases made by our members at the 2000+ stores we are partnered with on this website. More than half of the commission is paid to the member! We are literally sharing our profits with our members as they shop.

Coupons and Promotions

As mentioned above, we're partnered with over 2000 online stores who provide us with their latest offers daily. Get the latest deals, free shipping offers and more from the most trusted online retailers!

Earn Residual Income

Paying consumers to shop online is just part of our service. We offer a fantastic opportunity to earn residual income through our site. Partner with us, and become revenue sharing partners in our business. It's absolutely FREE! Learn more

Online Shopping Experts

There's more to our service than offering fantastic deals and putting money in people's pockets. We are online shopping experts, and provide expert advice on bargain hunting, online shopping safety, budgeting, and more, offering them a smarter, safer online shopping experience. Learn more

Have Questions?

We've got answers! Check out our Help & FAQ page, or feel free to contact us. Ask us anything!

Shop smart and shop safe!

- The Hoopla Doopla Staff

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