How Does Hoopla Doopla Work?

What is Hoopla Doopla?
Hoopla Doopla, Inc. is partnered with over 2000 merchants worldwide, to bring you the latest online coupons, bargains, and promotions they currently have to offer. By shopping these merchants through our site, we get paid a marketing commission for each purchase you make. More than half of that commission goes back to you, IN CASH! It's that simple. Join FREE!

How much do I get back on each purchase?
Our cash back earnings vary with each merchant we feature on our site. The amount you earn is based on the net purchase amount, which excludes shipping and taxes. For our complete list of merchants and the cash back you will receive on each one, view our merchant list.

How does Hoopla Doopla pay me?
The choice is yours! Get paid by direct deposit via PayPal, or we can mail a check to you.

When does Hoopla Doopla pay me?
We pay you quarterly. Below is a schedule of when we issue cash back payments.

Quarter   Date Range   Payment Made
1   Jan 1 - March 31   By April 15
2   April 1 - June 30   By July 15
3   July 1 - September 30   By October 15
4   October 1 - December 31   By January 15

Your payment is issued to you when you meet the minimum quota required.

Does Hoopla Doopla sell products on this website?
No. We provide coupons and promotional offers from the merchants we feature on this site.
After clicking on one of our links, purchases are made directly on merchant's site as normal.

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