Hoopla Doopla Press Kit

Below is our complete press kit for press, media, and public relations.

Complete Press Kit
Includes all you see below in one convenient file. Our company fact sheet, founders profile, press and media coverage, online shipping tip sheet, founders portraits, and company logos.
Complete Press Kit (ZIP)

Company Fact Sheet
Hoopla Doopla, Inc. is a leading cash back shopping website, providing coupon codes, discounts, daily deals and cash back from over 2000 online stores. We exist to provide a better overall online shopping experience, and to put money where it belongs - In people抯 pockets!
Read more | Company Fact Sheet (PDF)

Founders Profile
Frank DeBlasi and Tom Cangley are the founders of www.xtwpop.live, one of the best online money-saving sites on the web. Frank and Tom are experts in the area of online shopping, and use their expertise to educate online consumers in the areas of bargain hunting, online shopping safety and more, providing them with a better overall shopping experience.
Read more | Founders Profile (PDF)

Press and Media Coverage
The various press and media that has covered Hoopla Doopla. Fox News, ABC, Kiplinger and more.
Read more | Press and Media Coverage (PDF)

Press Releases
Company news, press contributions, events and happenings on Hoopla Doopla.
Read more | Press and Media Coverage (PDF)

Online Shopping Tip Sheet
In addition to saving money, Hoopla Doopla is also committed to educating consumers in online shopping. Get our list of online shopping and safety tips that we make available to our members.
Read more | Online Shopping Tips (PDF)

Founders Portraits
Various portraits of Hoopla Doopla founders Frank DeBlasi and Tom Cangley.
All (ZIP) | Frank 1
| Frank 2 | Frank 3 | Frank 4 | Tom 1 | Frank and Tom

Company Logos
Hoopla Doopla company logo in various high and low resolution formats.
All (ZIP) | EPS

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