Shop for a Cure Cancer Donation Program

Shop for a Cure Cancer Donation Program.

Can a simple, everyday task such as shopping online help save lives? You bet! That's what Shop for a Cure is all about.

You can help us fight cancer in 3 simple steps.

1. Shop and Earn Cash Back.

Shop for a Cure is a program featured on that raises money for cancer research through online shopping. By shopping through Hoopla Doopla, you have instant access to discounts, free shipping offers and get cash back on purchases you make at over 2000 online merchants. Not a member? Join FREE!

2. Donate a Percentage.

As a participant in Shop for a Cure, you specify a percentage of your cash back earnings that you want to donate to the program. This donation amount is then removed from your cash back payment at the end of each quarter before it is sent to you.

For example. If you earn $100 in cash back in a particular quarter, and your specified contribution to the program is 20%, we remove $20 from your earnings. You then receive $80 in cash back, and $20 gets donated to The American Cancer Society.

3. We Will Match It!

That's right! At the end of each payment period, Hoopla Doopla will total up ALL member contributions, and make a company donation equal to 10% of the entire member donation amount! It's our way of saying, we care too.

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